“helped her to learn how to express herself through dance”

"I wanted to thank you personally for having my daughter. She has really struggled settling in here from QLD, but dance has really helped her especially with expression and how you talk to them.
She has suffered pretty bad bullying and general nastiness from girls and you have actually really helped her to learn how to express herself through dance so thank you..... she just loves it so much!"

- K.K

“helping my dream of being a better dancer come true”

“I have enjoyed the past few years at BOLD, it has been a huge goal and dream to have the confidence and skill to dance in front of people, Bobbie, is a great Principal teacher, from learning basic dance skills and technique, BOLD is helping my dream of being a better dancer come true! I am so looking forward to what the future will hold for me at BOLD”

- T.R

“a wonderful way to get active”

“The Adults Class is wonderful, whether you used to put on a pair of dance shoes years ago, or not. It is a wonderful way to get active, dancing to music, while being taught dancing skills. Regardless of age, fitness level, it is well worth having a go. It was a great group this year, loads of fun. Thank you BOLD and Bobbie, for giving us Adults a go at ‘Strutting our Stuff'”

- C.A

“can’t wait for rehearsals each week”

“BOLD Dance has been amazing for my girls. The are so very different with one confident and enthusiastic and the other shy and nervous, Bobbie and her caring, professional nature has been able to bring out the absolute star in both of them! They live to dance and can’t wait for rehearsals each week. They were so proud to share their performances at the concert this year and as a Mum I couldn’t be prouder. My girls are flourishing under Bobbie’s care and I can’t wait to see where this beautiful dance journey takes them.”

- E.V

“makes me feel happy and free”

“I love dancing because it makes me feel happy and free. Dancing was always my chosen sport when I was younger so I choose that over everything. I love helping out at BOLD because it’s just like helping my family. The kids are so lovely and I can tell that they love to dance; I can see it in their faces and the way they try so hard!”

- E.A

“surrounded by positive role models”

“I thank you for motivating, exciting, and embracing my daughter as a young dancer, and young person. Her ability to be surrounded by positive role models has been incredibly powerful for her development. Her love and passion for dance is incredible and a great delight to us.”

- S.H

“re-igniting her passion for dance”

“She is off school sick today - just a cold - but is determined to be better for dance! She has spent the majority of her day glued to 'dance moms' and any discussion we've had has revolved around how much she loves dance, have how much she wants to do next year!! She wants to take EVERYTHING and is praying for more classes to be introduced! I'm so excited at how excited SHE is to be back at dance, and how much she is loving it. Thank you so much for embracing her back into the fold so readily and so warmly, and re-igniting her passion for dance.”

- S.W

“a safe & comfortable place”

“Dance has been her saviour, even though there's been times where she could have thrown it in but she kept going.
Her sister also struggled emotionally with whats happened but yes, every week regardless, off she goes to her happy place at the studio.
You give my girls a place where not only are they able to do what they love but a safe & comfortable place. For that I am eternally grateful. So in saying that, this Dance Mum is a happy Dance Mum. Thank you.”

- K.L

“her confidence in herself”

“Her confidence in herself and her having fun dancing is what it’s all about for us! She loves coming to classes every week and putting her ballet clothes on playing and practicing at home!”

- C.D