Updates made regularly.

  • Students are to be respectful and courteous to their teacher and class mates at all times.

  • Students are to arrive no more than 15 minutes early to be warmed up and prepared for class.

  • Students are to wait inside the foyer until collected by a parent/guardian.
    Any student that has a gap between classes is to wait in the room set up.

  • Parent/Guardians are to notify teachers when their child will be absent from class. A phone call or text message is appreciated.

  • Please notify the studio of any change of contact information. It is important to keep our records up to date.

    If term fees are not paid, a late fee of 10% of the total invoice amount will be added and is due within 7 days.
    If not paid, a further 10% of the total invoice will be added each fortnight not paid
    After four weeks of not being paid or organization of payment plan hasn’t happened, account will be sent to our accounts liaison.

    If students decide not to continue with dance & we are notified week one or two into term, a small exit fee of $25.00 will be charged.
    A scaled fee will follow if more than two weeks ($10.00 per extra lesson)
    This is to cover the teacher’s time, but avoids you having to pay the total term fee amount.
    If no notice is given, exit fees will apply the week we have confirmation.

    If fees for term four are not paid in full by due date, students will not be given their costume & students will not be permitted to perform in our end of year concert until account is paid.

  • Please keep noise level to a minimum in the foyer while classes are in progress.

  • Parents/Guardians are not permitted in the studio while a class is in progress. This can be a disruption to the students and teacher.

  • We kindly ask there to be NO smoking on or outside the premises.

  • Once fees are paid in full, refunds will not be issued if dancer changes their mind about attending class.
    Exceptions will be made if term has not yet commenced or if in the first two weeks of term (see Exit Fee policy for further information)

  • We do not give discounts to students who go on holidays for less than four (4) weeks and notice must be given at least four (4) weeks in advance.

  • Exclusive enrolments – dance training is to be exclusive to BOLD Dance & Arts. This is to avoid clashing at the end of year when it comes to concert rehearsals & performances.

  • During concert work, attendance is key; If a student missed 2 or more lessons in a row, they will be off stage for that section of the choreography unless able to catch up in private lessons, or outside of class with friends. This decision is at the teacher’s discretion & will depend on the student’s ability.

  • Once concert work has begun (end of term two), students must commit to the rest of the year. This is to assure teachers of numbers to set formations.

And our most important rule is –