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with Beth Pollard

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THAI CHI - with Debra Lees
Thursday 5:30-6:30pm

Is a martial art developed by the ancient Chinese.

It’s practiced increasingly for stress management & as a gentle, yet powerful healing art for a range of disorders; particularly arthritis.

Central to Thai Chi is a belief in the life force, or ‘Chi’ (ch-ee) that flows through our bodies. When Chi is blocked, illness can result.

Regular practice of Thai Chi will improve & strengthen your chi.

Thai Chi is a series of slow & controlled movements or postures, coordinating with your breath with correct spine alignment, with the positive benefits accruing over time.

Ultimately this mental control becomes second nature, resulting in unique balanced harmony of mind & body, a rare spontaneity and naturalness of movement.

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Yoga mat, white top of your choice & black pants, shorts or leggings that allow free movement.

EGYPTIAN DANCE & DRUM - with Debra Lees
(Commencing 2018)

A beautiful form of Arabic dance for solo or troupe where we wear full length baladi dresses, split to knee to allow movement.

Bare flesh can be an enormous distraction, as can swinging fringes, beads etc, so we adorn our torsos only with a hip belt; the audience can then concentrate on the dance itself.

The art of the dance is a showing – rather than showing off, cultivating our physical selves in the best setting of all.
An atmosphere of encouragement and appreciation.

It’s assumed that all of us are dancers, that everyone can do something, even if only two or three movements.

The performance aspect is vital in Arabic dance to accept the need to get up & entertain the group. Just a few minutes is a challenge for most western women, yet when done it goes a long way to creating self-confidence.

Many western women that are drawn to baladi can’t say what the attraction is. Initially it fascinates them, later they discover through dancing they will explore their essential femininity which they have lost touch with

Express yourself with the freedom of natural body moves & the hypnotic rhythms of the Middle East.
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Debra has over 20 years experience practicing, teaching and performing Egyptian Dance. She attended, for many years, workshops with well known dancers and musicians, and has performed in Tasmania, regional NSW and Victoria at various Art & Food festivals and the Stage Bar; dancing with troupes, trios, duets and solo.
She studied drum with Anne Harkin and Anita Larkin, two of Australia’s leading female percussionists.
Debra also plays and teaches finger cymbals (zills) and drum with Middle East & African rhythms.