What does my enrolment fee cover?

Enrolment fees cover enrolment set up, the first two lessons at BDA if a student isn’t sure about class at the beginning of the year and also secures a section in our Insurance that covers each student for accidental injury, that medicare may not assist with such as dental (chipped teeth due to a fall at dance), physio assistance, the cost of moonboots/braces etc. In the event that something may happen while students are at the studio/dance hall, this ensures you will have assistance in recovery.

It also helps cover costs of APRA AMCOS fees, which is required by all dance studios to be able to use music, during class & performances. 
When music is played and/or performed live, made available online or copied, the business authorising that music use almost always requires a licence. This covers the rights of the songwriter, composer and music publisher who made and own the piece of music. Music directly benefits thousands of businesses in Australia: from digital download services and record labels, through to broadcasters and nightclubs, schools and cinemas to shops and restaurants who use music to attract and retain customers.

This one-off annual fee is compulsory for all students enrolling into BOLD Dance & Arts and is sent with your invoice upon commencement.

Is there a costume fee for concerts? 

Yes - our costume fees vary depending on which class your child enrols in. 
These fees allow your child to keep their costumes at the end of each year, instead of paying a fee to hire the costumes. 

Do classes have set attire?

Football, netball, soccer, gymnastics... you name it, every sport has a uniform. 
Dance is no exception! 
Having set class attire gives our students a strong sense of commitment to their chosen style and helps them feel equal in their class - their team. 
It also cancels out worries about keeping up with trends such as not being able to have brand name clothing. Again, making our dancers feel equal to one another.

It also enables students to participate safely and for teachers to be able to check technique and give corrections as needed. It is especially vital that appropriate shoes are worn for the classes that students are enrolled in. Specific details are in our enrolment packs, and all items are available for purchase through our dance shop.

How are our fees organised? 

All of our fees are emailed invoiced on a term basis with payment due in full by the due date stated on the invoice.

Fees are a set fee per term.

Fees may be paid by cash, direct deposit, cheque or Eftpos.

Payment plans are available via our payment plan system, IntegraPay. 

Those wishing to pay in maximum three (3) instalments in the weeks leading up to the due date, this may be done so by arranging with Bobbie. Any fees not paid by due date will incur a late fee.
Please ensure this is arranged with Bobbie prior to commencing these payments so she can keep an eye out.