In our commercial & hip hop classes, dance steps are a free, funky and soulful expression of movement.
Students enrolled in these classes will learn choreographed routines as well as techniques to help their balance, strength and stamina.


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet.
Students enrolled in this style will learn to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements, as well as learn contemporary dance technique.


Allowing our twinkle toes dancers to progress with their ballet skills as well as have a younger stepping stone into our contemporary classes.


A stepping stone to our junior dance levels, guiding students on how dance class works in a fun and supportive environment. Offering ages 3-5 yrs styles of Ballet & Commercial/Hip Hop.


Learn how to do your cartwheels, somersaults, round offs & walk overs safely, while learning new tricks & flexibility tips in this fun-filled class!

As acrobatics is a sport in itself, incorporating strength & flexibility training plus much more, it is required that students also be enrolled in a dance class in order to gain the choreography and dance skills needed that cannot all be taught within the acro class itself.
Discounts available on multiple classes. 
* Lakes Entrance only


Learn stage presence, character skills, projection and most importantly gain confidence on stage & off with this energetic addition to our studio!
* Lakes Entrance only


Is your child’s sense of wonder & imagination alive & well?
The Australian Teachers of Dancing are leaders in the field of dance education. ATOD provides systems of training in various genre and have provided dance teachers with resources for the early childhood sector for almost 20 years. ATOD is a not for profit organisation and a Registered Training Organisation RTO.
The unique Imagine program has been created by ATOD Examiners and dance educators who have years of experience in this field.
The Imagine program is designed to aid development of physical, social and emotional needs.
* Orbost only


Barre Attack is a dynamic fusion of Ballet, Pilates & Fitness providing an all over body workout with special attention for the legs, butt, thighs and arms.
Using the ballet barre, therabands and balls, Barre Attack is a combination of ballet position, a resistance workout using rubber bands and a cardio component.

No need to bring any special equipment and you don’t need any experience!
Simply wear normal gym or workout attire, bare feet or socks and bring a towel and water bottle for after.


Commercial/Hip Hop
Students may wear causal dance attire to Hip Hop Classes.
Eg. Tracksuit pants, shorts*, leggings, T-shirt, etc.
NO denim or midriff tops are to be worn at any time.
If shorts are worn, knee pads are required.
Footwear: Black Street Shoes
(Set shoes are to be worn for Concert Performance; these will be supplied as part of the costume)

Students are to wear clothing that assists teachers to see the lines of the body.
Shorts, leggings, t-shirt etc.NO denim, midriff tops or baggy clothing are to be worn at any time in this class.
If shorts are worn, knee pads are required.
Footwear: Capezio FootUndeez which can be ordered direct from BOLD ($29.00)

MY BALLET BAG – $100.00
No trips to Melbourne, no postage fees, order direct from the studio!

- Short Sleeve Dress (in black) RRP $39.95
- Future Star Ballet Slipper RRP $27.95
- Ultra Soft Transition Tight (in pink) RRP $17.95
- BDA Dance Bag RRP $20.00


General workout gear & socks.
Please bring a towel to BA classes.

Hair for all styles of dance is to be neat & off dancer’s face for class.